About us

To produce the ultimate in style in the cut flower world: this is the standard upheld at Special Orchids. This leading nursery specialises in the cultivation of large-flowered Cymbidium for cut flower production. To nurture this orchid to full maturity and flowering demands years of experience and craftsmanship. John and Wim Bos, the owners of this family business, work like modern-day guild masters to produce Cymbidium of the highest quality and in a wide assortment.

Go for gold

The nursery is known for its innovative approach. Its owners strive for perfection and are happy to oblige even the most critical customer who recognises quality and demands the best. In addition to supplying the most beautiful flowers and strong flower stems, the brothers specialise in growing original and unique Cymbidium varieties. However, each of these has to satisfy the criteria for colour, width and volume to meet the gold standard set by Special Orchids. You can always rely on what Special Orchids has to offer.

Premium flowers

A number of prominent Dutch floriculturists, including Special Orchids, have united to form an interest group. What they all have in common is their supply of excellent quality cut flowers. Each and every one is a leader in its own product group. Now that they have combined forces in the area of promotion, marketing and communication, they can serve export companies even better. More information is available at  www.premiumflowers.nl