Special Orchids goes for gold

John and Wim Bos are definitely going for gold. The owners of this family business work like modern-day guild masters to produce Cymbidium of the highest quality in a wide assortment. ‘Only the heaviest and most beautiful flower stems will pass the final inspection. For this reason, they are provided with a gold label to show that they belong to the top ranks of cut Cymbidium.'

 Special service

The cut Cymbidium from Special Orchids is supplied by length, colour and as a mix of varieties in a single package. The gold standard also includes a personalised service: customers are welcome to order their own preferred mix, suited to a specific season, a colour theme, or special holiday.

See for yourself!

Ask your regular supplier for Special Orchids Cymbidium, or contact us directly. Special Orchids will be pleased to refer you to an export agent operating in your area. If you place your order before 7:00 a.m., your flowers will arrive at the export agency around noon the same day.